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abjectness, abominableness, atrociousness, awfulness, baseness, beastliness, beggarliness, bestiality, blowziness, brutality, carelessness, chintziness, contemptibility, contemptibleness, crumminess, debasement, degradation, depravity, despicableness, detestableness, direness, disgustingness, dowdiness, dreadfulness, egregiousness, enormity, execrableness, filth, foulness, frowziness, frumpishness, fulsomeness, grossness, grubbiness, hatefulness, heinousness, horribleness, infamousness, littleness, loathsomeness, looseness, lousiness, lowness, meanness, messiness, miserableness, monstrousness, nastiness, nefariousness, negligence, noisomeness, notoriousness, obnoxiousness, odiousness, offensiveness, outrageousness, paltriness, pettiness, pokiness, poorness, rankness, repulsiveness, rottenness, scabbiness, scandalousness, scrubbiness, scruffiness, scumminess, scurviness, seediness, shabbiness, shamefulness, shoddiness, slatternliness, slipshodness, sloppiness, slovenliness, slovenry, slumminess, sluttishness, smallness, sordidness, squalidity, squalidness, tackiness, tawdriness, terribleness, the pits, uncleanness, unneatness, untidiness, vileness, worthlessness, wretchedness

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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  • Squalor — Squa lor (skw[=a] l[^o]r), n. [L., fr. squalere to be foul or filthy.] Squalidness; foulness; filthiness; squalidity. [1913 Webster] The heterogeneous indigent multitude, everywhere wearing nearly the same aspect of squalor. I. Taylor. [1913… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • squalor — 1620s, state or condition of being miserable and dirty, from L. squalor, related to squalere be filthy (see SQUALID (Cf. squalid)) …   Etymology dictionary

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  • squalor — [n] filth, poverty decay, destitution, dirtiness, foulness, grunginess, impoverishment, indigence, poorness, seediness, starvation, wretchedness; concepts 335,709 …   New thesaurus

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  • squalor — [skwäl′ər, skwôl′ər] n. [L, foulness, akin to squalere, to be filthy] the quality or condition of being squalid; filth and wretchedness …   English World dictionary

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